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Wrinkle paint VS Texture Paint

Wrinkle Paint against Texture Paint

Many People don't understand which is the difference between Wrinkle Paint and Texture paint. We try to explaning in few word differences and how to use

Wrinkle paint is the paint that we produce for Lamborghini Automobiles, this paint is a special effect that work at 80° grades. Is the most beautiful effect of ever and you can see it on the engine of Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles.
Wrinkle paint appear as velvet effect with a beautiful special texture.
This paint dry just at 80° for 1 hour in the oven, and his texture appear just at this temperature, if you can't put the piece in the oven this paint can't work. You have the possibility to use this paint with a common heat gun but in this way is little bitdifficult because this sitem wrks just for small pieces. So for big pieces as wheels you must to have a oven
Goffrata texturizzata is completely different because is the original paint of Harley Davidson Engine. This paint is a rogue paint and under your hands you can feel a sensation as sand paper. very rogue.
This paint is very easy to use and it dry without oven. Just catalyst and spray with normal temperature. It dry in 4 hours and after 12 hours is ready to be use but is not beautiful as Wrinkle.
We sell
Wrinkle paint
250gr  40€
500gr 74€
1kg     145€
Texture paint
250gr  24€
500gr  40€
1kg      80€
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Christian bertolini
CEO and technical manager of Kcolors