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What's about wrinkle? wrinkle is a special effect coating for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa romeo and Harley Davidson engine.

  1. Ferrari engines
  2. Lamborghini Engines
  3. Harley Davidson Engines
  4. Hi Heat engines paint
  5. Industrial design
  6. Home design objects
  7. Yatching design

Available Colors

  1. Red ferrari, Red Maserati, Red Modena, and Black Harley Davidson
  2. All RAL, NCS, Federal Standard military and Pantone Codes
  3. All Automotive car codes (for this service price is 30% more)
  4. All special effect finishes that you can see on our website
  5. Our black Harley Davidson is the same of HD spray can Wrinkle 98606CJ
  6. NOTE: Ask for more informations at:


Technical Adhesion Data

  1. Perfect adhesion on: Plastics - Metal - Alluminium - Iron - Steel - Wood - PVC
  2. Perfect resistance to High Temperature.
  3. This Paint is elastic, perfect when you have metal expansion engine.
  4. Suggest special Kcolors epoxy primer 2K for Magnesium and alloys over alloys.


Application Data

First of all consider if you need to use our Special epoxy primer for hard plasics and alloys as magnesium.

  1. Mix very well
  2. Use a spray gun 1,3-1,4-1,5  not 1,7 with air pressure of 1,5-2.0 bar
  3. Should be better if your component will be at 25/30 degrees Celsius
  4. Start with a first medium wet layer
  5. Wait for 10/15 minutes (depend from the season)
  6. Start with 2nd wet layer
  7. Wait 10/15 minutes
  8. Start with 3th wet layer
  9. Wait 10/15 minutes
  10. Start with last 4th wet layer
  11. Wash your spray gun
  12. Put your piece in a common house oven - Little industrial oven - under infrared ray and dry for 60 minutes at 70°/80° Celsius. NOTE:a common spraybooth can give you some problem because you need to have a homogeneus hot surface. In a little oven hot air is more concentrate around your object and paint, for this reason your finally results will be perfect.
  13. Leave your piece in oven or under infrared layer until appear wrinkle effect and from this point for other 60 minutes!
  14. After 12 hours of relax you can touch your piece with hands but it need minimum 48/72 hours to be ready to be assembled.
  15. If you want you can dry your paint with a professional Heat Gun but you have to wait for 7 days before use. This because heat gun dry just the surface not the deep layer of paint.

Dry Time

Usually great luxury car company as Ferrari wait 15/20 days before assembling time, but after 1 day you can touch it and work

Wrinkle paint and plastic materials

You can use Wrinkle paint without plastic primer on every PVC or ABS but if you are not sure about materials use our special epoxy primer 2K for magnesium alloy and all plastics. We have another special primer 1K  for Plastic and every alloy, this is easier to use than 2K but less resistant.